Private Residence Mimics Golden Box With Semi-Transparent GKD Mesh

March 24, 2015 | Projects

Australian firm-K2Ld Architects designed an extravagant residential dwelling that is enveloped in a semi-transparent golden mesh, giving the illusion of a “Golden Box.” While the building is protected against direct views from the outside during the day, the semi-transparent wire mesh covering the glass façade offers an unhindered view of the surrounding garden. It is not until night that the Golden Box reveals itself and the illuminated interior shimmers through the semi-transparent shell.

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GKD USA Metal Fabrics Conference/Expo Schedule 2015

January 01, 2015 | News

GKD metal fabrics showcase our commitment to the architectural and design community by participating in several national conferences in 2015. As the leading full service provider of woven metal fabric for architectural solutions, GKD-USA draws on more than 85 years of German engineering excellence, precision American manufacturing and expertise as the originator of the category. GKD metal fabrics have been specified by renowned architects and designers for thousands of interior and exterior applications.

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